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35 years old Ali Lee dares not harbour marriage thought

Ali Lee (李佳芯) gains fame after acting as a mother in Who Wants a Baby? (BB來了). She admitted that she felt like a mother when shooting scenes with a baby despite not a mother in reality. Ali focused on the baby since she needed to focus on her role character and have a fertile imagination. It was her first time to act as an auntie and felt interesting to see herself ending up that way. Ali felt happy despite the hardship as she could scold people and “bite” her husband in order to vent her frustration. She was unworried about the role image tarnishing her goddess image: “I am bored of being a goddess to men and do not mind becoming a goddess in housewives world.”

In the drama, Ali had many scenes with the babies and had to interact with 6 babies as it illustrated from giving birth to her daughter to one year old. All babies had different characters and tempers and she must understand them slowly.

35 years old Ali confessed she was getting older and had not discussed about having baby with her boyfriend, Danny Chan (陳炳銓): “We dare not even think about marriage and have establish consensus to focus on their careers in these few years. It is rare to challenge different role characters and I am willing to try anything since unemployed before. I dare not think about others and have no time as well. He believes he should work hard and strive a career. He is a workaholic and does not care about woman’s superiority is higher than man. I can see that he has been working hard for many years and my opportunity is considered late. Perhaps his chance is slightly later than mine. The man’s career is much longer than mine and perhaps it is due to starting off at a different time.”

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