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37 year old Natalie Tong may have flash marriage after dating for several months

3rd May 2018 was Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) birthday and she attended a credit card event with Sammy Leung (森美). They celebrated with her by singing birthday song and giving a birthday cake.

Natalie revealed she will be eating dinner with her family at night and when asked if she received any text from her old love, Tony Hung (洪永城), she replied nope and the reporter remarked he should do something for her. Natalie said: “Please help me to tell him.” She only wished she will stay healthy and nothing related to relationship as she believed that person will appear at the right timing. Natalie said: “Every woman including me wishes to set up our own family and someone can support me. It depends on the opposite party about the baby plan and I do not mind get married after dating for several months.”

In addition, Natalie was thinking about freezing her eggs and treating it as a birthday gift for herself in order to prepare for having a baby in the future.

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