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37th Hong Kong Film Awards: Teresa Mo wins Best Actress Award

Louis Koo (古天樂) and Teresa Mo (毛舜筠) won Best Actor (最佳男角) and Best Actress (最女主角) awards based on Paradox (殺破狼‧貪狼) and Tomorrow is Another Day (黃金花) films respectively. They accepted an interview at the back stage together after receiving their awards and congratulated and kissed on their trophies. Teresa revealed her heartbeat was extremely fast and she dared not watch the screen. Teresa said: “I feel very grateful and used to look at my daughters’ photo whenever I lose in the past as they are my greatest awards. I look at my younger daughter this time when winning the award and believe she is the one who brings me luck. My husband and elder daughter are absent but my younger daughter has confidence in me and insists to accompany me.”

Teresa will be going for holidays thereafter and cooking personally to thanks her good friends for 5 consecutive nights. She joined showbiz in 1976 and felt it was considered not too late to win movie queen: “Now is the best time. The film is meaningful and I hope the public will focus on autism problem and the families.”

As for Louis, people perceived it should be his turn this time: “We cannot take it for granted. What matters most is to work hard and not to give up. It is good for the newcomer, Ling Man Lung (凌文龍) and Philip Keung (姜皓文) who has been waiting for many years to win awards and the efforts are worth it.”

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