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41 year old Barbie Hsu finally confesses she is expecting

41 year old Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) was rumoured to collapse and admit into the hospital for treatment earlier. Her mother explained it was due to flu and her husband, Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) requested everyone to let his wife to rest. Subsequently, Barbie was pointed to be expecting again and the reason for her dizziness was because of the pregnancy and flu.

That morning on 11th April 2018, Barbie confessed through her work studio that she was currently expecting: “I plan to share the joy later as my body is not in a good condition and do not expect the media to discover it. Please give me your blessings. I am really getting old and high risk pregnancy is very tiring. Thank you for the concerns all along and I really need the blessings. I treat it normal for this pregnancy due to my age and will continue to finish my work after some adjustments. I learn a valuable lesson after this pregnancy and one cannot be too stubborn. I plan to stop after the second pregnancy but expecting after slimming down. I will stop my stubbornness and thank you for the concern once again. Please do not worry.”

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