43 year old Coco Lee goes for IVF: It is frightening

Choi Si Won (崔始源) is a member of South Korean boy band, Super Junior was present at a champagne party with rapper, MC Jin (歐陽靖), singer, Coco Lee (李玟), Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏), Amanda S., Bruce Rockowitz  and others at night on 27th March 2018. Si Won rejected all interviews and allowed the media to take photos for 30 minutes only.

Injection for 3 weeks

43 year old Coco Lee completed her world tour concert a few days ago and attended the party with her Westerner husband, Bruce as a loving couple. She revealed she went for IVF in New York before her concert and it was a painful process. Although Coco was afraid of injection, but she needed to inject herself personally. It was supposed to last around 10 to 14 days but it became 3 weeks as her body had no reaction and there was 1 egg finally. Coco said: “Injection is very scary and it is not easy to be a woman. (What makes you do it?) I am the youngest in the family and my 2 elder sisters have missed the opportunity. I feel it is the right time now and my husband knows it is a painful process and my family accompanies me for the injection due to his busy workload.”

Jacqueline Chong yearns to see Choi Si Won

Coco confessed her regret and should go for it when she was younger. She assumed she had plenty of time as many women in their 50s could give birth but the eggs were not in the best condition after 35 years old and it was harder at 43 years old. Coco hoped her egg will return to her body by this year and have 2 children but it did not matter if she could have baby as children were gifts from the god. She also planned to stop her work temporarily, take few months break and learn piano at a later stage.

When asked if Jacqueline took the opportunity to see stars during the party, she said: “I am here to see art but my favourite art piece is Si Won and do see him before serving his national service. I usually watch his film and listen to his songs and it is female nature to see dashing man. (Anthony Wong (黃秋生) reconciles with his long lost brother from a different mother?) I have congratulated him in private as his student.”

MC Jin misses his son

MC Jin has been participating in Chinese rap reality show, The Rap of China (中國有嘻哈) in China for the past 6 months and seldom spends time with his son although it increases his work opportunities. He is currently trying hard to get used to it and his 6 year old son starts to learn to express himself. Hence, MC Jin always misses his son whenever he is working.

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