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48 years old Jessica Hsuan is a conservative woman and enjoys her single life

48 years old Jessica Hsuan’s (宣萱) joined showbiz in 1991 and did not have much changes in her appearance. It was evident that she looked younger with radiant skin now when the television happened to air her series in 2005 during an interview. Jessica revealed exercise and keeping herself happy was the most important.

As she was turning to 50 years old soon, Jessica remained single and was happy with her single life after seeing her friends’ unhappy marriage lives: “I hope to have romance too but will not keep thinking about it. I am influenced by my friends as they share their unhappy marriage lives. You may think that they feel happy after married with children but they are not and I count myself lucky.”

When mentioned about proceeding to the next stage, Jessica said: “My friends have children when I was 35 or 36 years old. Although their children are cute, but it is not easy to take care of them and the thought disappears after passing through that time. I am a conservative person and will only have baby after married. Once, my daddy told me to have a baby first but my child must grow up in a normal family environment. Anyway, I am not anxious and having the same perspectives is the most essential. A couple definitely have problems and conflicts especially staying together. For example: My mother makes the toilet messy after brushing her teeth but my dad keeps it clean. Fortunately, it is a small issue.”

Jessica used to be a workaholic and placed her career as top priority for 20 years. She also chose to sacrifice her time with friends but begun to slow down the pace and enjoy her life with happiness: “I realise life is unpredictable and a younger person may pass away due to illness anytime. Although working is important, but we need to exercise to achieve a work life balance. I do not have any target for the past years and neither winning nor becoming TV Queen cross my mind. I enjoy my work with passion and feel happier without any request and stress.”

Despite the hectic work schedule, Jessica will go for a vacation and plan to see migration period with her friend next year: “I am scared but really want to watch it. I reckon I will cry if witnessing an animal’s death. I love animals very much and cry when I need to kill a sheep during a tour show once. Anyway, I believe it is worth to watch it once in a lifetime.”

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