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48 years old Michael Tong makes a kissing expression to Wiyona Yeung

Rumoured couple, Michael Tong (唐文龍) and Wiyona Yeung (楊柳青) were shooting TVB drama, The Solution Expert (解決師) on 14th August 2018. During an interview, he walked towards her and made a kissing expression suddenly. Michael rejected to do it again when the photographer requested it: “Earlier, she films a video clip about wing chun (詠春) and is a smart, beautiful and agile woman. (Announcing your romance?) The solution expert does not say things clearly. (Begin to date?) We are good friends and developing our friendship. We will be busy with our work separately after shooting wing chun clip and have no chance to meet up at all.”

Wiyona felt surprised to see Michael and believe they did not have much scenes together. He said: “Less scenes do not mean we cannot see each other in the studio room. (Take her home?) I do not know where she lives. Anyway, the wing chun clip is edited and let’s see when we can meet up for dinner.” Wiyona then felt embarrassed and wanted to leave the studio room. When asked if Michael was her ideal partner, she said: “I like tall and muscular man who loves to exercise.” Michael disclosed he was reminded about his age frequently and Wiyona believed it was not important, and what mattered most was the communication. Lastly, he praised her for appreciating good quality stuff.

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