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52 years old Sheren Tang realises health is the most important

Mood disorder is known as a silent killer. Leslie Cheung (張國榮), Pauline Chan (陳寶蓮) and Ellen Joyce Loo (盧凱彤) ended their precious lives because of that. 52 years old Sheren Tang is also diagnosed with mood disorder many years ago and manages to recover after a tough road. On 7th August 2018, she left a long online message to urge everyone to cherish their health and not the work and achievement.

When Sheren filmed War and Beauty (金枝慾孽) series 13 years ago, she was diagnosed with mood disorder and described it was a frightening experience: “Life is very fragile and we must face it positively with determination. I used to have deep passion in acting and my life perspective changes after suffering from health problem in 2013 due to tremendous pressure.. Although it was only a few months, but those times was very scary and fortunately, becoming a christian makes me realise health is more important than achievement.”

Sheren believed it was a warning to her health and reminded her that achievements were secondary: “Because tremendous pressure is a silent killer to everybody. I start to realise you cannot do anything if you are ill and I love myself more than anything in recent years. I believe you can avoid mood disorder if discovering it early and ignoring it for a long term causes risk to your health. What matters most is giving your full efforts and knowing to seek medical treatment. It is best not to give pressure to others. If we show understanding to our loved ones and their pain, I believe our suffering will be reduced greatly. Hopefully you will understand that love and health are more vital than work and achievement.”

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