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55 years old Jet Li resembles a “grandfather”? His manager says it is nonsense

55 years old Jet Li (李連杰) gained fame after shooting Shaolin Temple (少林寺) movie directed by Chang Hsin Yan (張鑫炎) in 1982. He represented the martial arts icon in the showbiz, ventured into Hollywood and acquired his screen name, Jet Li due to his lighting speed.

However in recent years, Jet suffered from hyperthyroidism and reduced his public performances. Since then, he had been focusing on developing the charity organisation. Earlier, somebody took photos of looking fragile with grey hair and humpback at a charity event in Tibet and one student even called him as “grandfather”.

A few days ago, Jet’s manager, Steven Chasman explained that it was the angle and photo taking skills problem through The Washington Post. He added Jet had been fighting against hyperthyroidism for 10 years and he was in good condition after checking with his assistant and him. Lastly, Steven uploaded a recent photo of Jet taken on 12th May 2018 and he looked very energetic. Steven said: “He is fine and somebody is trying to create gossip only.”

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