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56 years old Stephen Chow resembles 76 years old? He directs The Mermaid 2 film

The Mermaid (美人魚) film is directed, co-written and co-produced by Stephen Chow (周星馳) in 2016 and becomes the first Chinese film to achieve the box office at US$553,810,228. It also won Global Angel Award Film at 12th Chinese American Film Festival (中美電影節) in 2016 and was nominated for 7 categories during Hong Kong Film Awards (香港電影金像獎) in 2017. Since it receives overwhelming response, Stephen has intention to film television series and The Mermaid 2 (美人魚2) movie as well.

Based on understanding, Stephen decides to set the background in outer space for the sequel this time. He secretly builds a gigantic spaceship on a land in Huizhou and invents a weapon (超級蟲洞時空轉移器) to send the mermaid to the outer space. Stephen spends billion on computer technology from Hollywood and it is believed that it will become a trend in China once the film is airing.

East Week (東周網 ) discovers that the space ship has two levels and the background of the outer space looks ordinary. However, it contains many equipment and the whole set up appears to be very comprehensive. It also suspects there is a special equipment (蟲洞時空轉移器) designed by Stephen.

The Mermaid 2 film has been handled in low key since the preparation and shooting begin, but the information start to leak out in recent months. Kris Wu (吳亦凡) will be appearing with the special equipment (蟲洞計劃) which can travel to the outer space while Deng Chao (鄧超) makes a comeback as a wealthy businessman. As for Lin Yun (林允), she ends up in the outer space by accident and hiding a big plot from others.

As Stephen racks his brain for the new film, his hair turns grey for the past few months and many netizens comment that he looks older by 20 years. It explains the reason for using an umbrella outside to prevent sunburn and aging quickly when working in Shenzhen lately.

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