Aaron Kwok learns to sing children song for his daughter

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Bryan Robson (曼聯名宿白賴仁笠臣) attended an event, (同心同步同樂日) on 30th March 2018 and more than 1000 youngsters apply colours to the statues to create Guinness World Records (創健力士世界紀錄) together. Aaron expressed Guinness World Records and he had their own origins as the design of his concert, Para Para dance and the promotion for Cold War 2 (寒戰2) film by selfie created the world record. He also realised the importance of the concentration of working upon winning Best Actor award (最佳男主角) in 2016 and hoped to motivate the youngsters to compete in the future.

When asked if singing children song to his daughter could realise her potential, Aaron said: “Singing is my occupation and I sing when running at home too. It is an occupational disease and I sing children song to my daughter. No matter what, I need to learn and it is my responsibility. (Your wife, Moka Fang (方媛) hopes to have a baby son?) Please leave it to us.”

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