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Ada Choi uses “burning passion” to describe Dubai trip with her husband

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) attended a skincare activity as the spokesperson on 27th July 2018 and expressed her husband, Max Zhang (張晉) and two daughters were more vain than her: “I do not apply make-up when not working and they use my skincare and mask upon seeing it. My daughters requested to touch up their make-up when seeing that I kept re-applying makeup while filming the show (不可思議的媽媽). I guess all girls love to look pretty and guys turn out to be the same too.”

Ada revealed Max and she returned from Dubai for holidays not long ago and he immediately used skincare products to rescue his skin upon returning to Hong Kong due to the hot and dry weather there. As Ada used “burning passion” (乾柴烈火) to describe their skin conditions after returning to Hong Kong, it caused laughter immediately. She explained: “I am referring to our faces. (Planning to have another baby?) My hubby says most likely not and I leave it to him.” She added her daughters were beginning to learn to take care of themselves and did not want to train another child.

Ada also disclosed that she would give $1.00 to her daughters whenever they finished reading a book in order to encourage them to read more books: “My elder daughter is very smart and she has read more than 20 books. They love reading and feel happier upon seeing “gold” in the books. (Encourage them to earn more money and buy many properties?) Buy more skincare products.”

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