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Ada Choi’s younger daughter cries when she cannot accompany them

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and her daughters, Zoe Zhang (張楚兒) and Zhang Shun Yee (張信兒) participated in the first episode of a Chinese reality show (不可思議的媽媽) which was aired on 14th June 2018. They baked cookies together and Ada always became a laughing stock whenever she spoke Mandarin, but she insisted to speak Mandarin with them throughout the show.

Ada felt she must be fair and took two daughters to the show together. They needed to choose the same toys and Zoe chose the toy very quickly. Ada said when standing at one corner to film her: “I am very disappointed in her!”

When the crew announced that Ada could not accompany her daughters, Shun Yee cried immediately and wanted to look for her mother in Hong Kong. Zoe remained calm and said: “It is fake. Our mother is alive.” At the moment, Ada appeared and said: “I am alive!”

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