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Aimee Chan exposes her elder son starts to talk back: He wants to sleep with us

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) attended an activity related to the language exploration for the children on 4th July 2018. As a mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter, she had no problem to play games including Cantonese pronunciation with the kids.

As Aimee had been staying in overseas, she had been communicating with her family in English and concerned about her children languages. Other than hiring a Mandarin teacher, Aimee also downloaded mobile application for them to learn Cantonese: “I am quite worried upon hearing that boys take a longer time to learn language than girls. I am the first family member to have children and nobody can give me advice. Hence, I do lots of research online.” She felt happy even when her elder son begun to talk back and demand to sleep with them as it showed that he was willing to communicate and Aimee would explain to him depending on the situation.

When mentioned about celebrating her fifth year wedding anniversary with Moses Chan (陳豪) earlier and sharing photos of her new handbag and wedding in Paris, Aimee said: “It is old photos. We take a helicopter to have dinner in Macau and our children do not follow us. I feel it is romantic and we cherish the times spent together. Present is not the most important and we might travel to Paris again.”

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