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Alex Fong rejects to answer question about Gillian Chung

Alex Fong (方力申) attended the press conference of the watch brand at the Central and his parent turned up as well. It turned out that the female watch designer was his parent’s niece and Alex said: “She loves to draw and show her art piece at my dad’s art gallery earlier. We are good friends and support each other. (Any chances for development?) She gets married not long ago and the whole family gives her the blessings.”

When asked if there was any other nieces, Alex said: “Nope. I am thinking of having a goddaughter since single now.” As the reporters recalled about his rumours with Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) many years ago and suggesting her baby as her goddaughter in the future, Alex replied with an overreacted reaction: “Wow! So far. Why should I listen to others? I need to consider and will not make the first move to have a god child.”

Checking if he had congratulated Gillian as she returned to Hong Kong with her fiance, Michael Lai (賴弘國), Alex said: “Nope. I know she returns not long ago after her honeymoon. (Do you feel she looks very sweet?) I am not answering about her stuff. (Are you going if she invites you to her wedding banquet in December?) You have to ask her and I am not answering hypothetical question.”

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