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Ali Lee has lesser value than expensive jewellery? She is worth $1 at an auction?

Ali Lee (李佳芯) showcased 5 sets of jewellery, watches and handbag as a model and the total value was worth $4 billion including a blue gemstone necklace with 8.01 Carats which cost $145 million at a press conference related to an auction at the Central on 30th April 2018.

Subsequently, Ali revealed it was her first time to wear expensive jewellery and pointed the $145 million jewellery had higher value than her. Asking about her value, Ali said: “Everyone has different perspectives. Will anyone raises their hand if I am one of the items at auction? (You have your boyfriend, Danny Chan (陳炳銓)?) Only 1? Perhaps I am worth $1 if someone raises his hand.”

Checking if she liked any expensive jewellery, Ali disliked to buy full set as it might look old-fashioned and her mother taught her to buy jade and gold, but youngsters preferred diamond. When asked if Danny gave her any jewellery, Ali said: “Yes for jewellery but not diamond. Perhaps he will give it as a wedding ring. (Looking forward to it?) No idea. Anyway, I can buy jewellery by myself and do not need to wait for others to buy for me as there is satisfaction. I really want to buy property. (Becoming landlord soon?) Hopefully. First time buyer usually monitors it for a long time and I need to do some homework. It is best to look for an apartment with good value and fengshui and it resembles to looking for a husband. But I do not have any property and husband now. (Danny is perceived as uncompleted flat?) To me, uncompleted flat is better than ready made house. Anyway, I am a cautious person and will look for a flat with high value. Hope I will have smooth career and relationship and unleash my potential. (Mother’s Day is arriving?) It is near my mother’s birthday and we will have dinner together as celebration and I buy 1 gift for her only. (What about Danny’s mother?) I see her before and we have dinner together but not on Mother’s Day though.”

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