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Alice Chan exposes Tommy Wong is scared of women

Alice Chan (陳煒) and Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) were dressed up sexily to promote Apple-Colada (果欄中的江湖大嫂) drama and celebrate the good ratings record with Tommy Wong (黃光亮) on 8th April 2018.

Alice revealed she will fall out with Eliza Sam and had many bed scenes with Andrew Yuen (袁文傑) after moving into his house in the finale. Although Tommy looked fierce, but he was afraid of women and the opposite party scolded him for touching her at the back stage. Tommy believed it was best not to offend women and had no idea that she became a lady boss: “I want to show my charm to her but she has no reaction and comments that my hand resembles a sandpaper. (Acting as a villain again?) Nobody is scared of me any longer. I cannot act as a villain again after filming Oh My Grad (老表) drama and all thanks to Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍).

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