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Alice Chan is ready for new romance anytime

44 year old Alice Chan (陳煒) portrays the role character, Lee Mung Lo (李夢露) with a fiery temper in TVB new series, Apple-Colada (果欄中的江湖大嫂) and it is different from her in reality: “I am used to it anyway. Perhaps people prefer me to act as a tough woman who has the final say and I enjoy different role characters. Honestly, Alice is a boring person who can stay at home for 3 days. I lack of special qualities and talking is not my forte regardless of hosting or cooking. But I feel elated to develop my strengths through role characters though.” Mentioning about working with Tommy Wong (黃光亮) again, Alice felt it was the same as he loved to speak vulgarities and the atmosphere became lively with his presence. She also gets to learn some acting tips from him.

Once during the filming, everyone was shocked when Alice was exposed for her divorce with her ex spouse, James Yen (顏志行) and said: “I do not need to adjust my feelings as it happen around 5 to 6 years ago and only lack of a suitable timing to explain to the public. In fact, James and I remain as good friends who keep in contact and the unhappy incidents happen long ago and there is no time to think about it due to my busy workload. (Prepared to welcome new romance?) I welcome it all along but lack of time to know new friends as working everyday. (Try to reduce your workload?) It is not up to me and I must film it as stated in the contract. I prefer to rest and nourish my body during my free time and will reduce my work upon meeting the right person.” Alice has no suitors now and is not anxious to have a relationship.

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