Andy Lau becomes a film producer for mini series

Andy Lau held the world press conference for mini series (東方華爾街) as the film producer on 23rd May 2018. He accepted the interview with the director (黃國強) and senior management of Fox Networks Group (福斯傳媒集團), Cora Yim (嚴嘉念). The director revealed Kwai Lun Mei (桂綸鎂) in the series could be an important person in the next season.

When asked if Andy will appear in the next season, he replied it was possible and had watched 5 episodes. The whole production reached his expectations and Andy believed the audiences will start to analyse after watching 5 episodes.

Checking if he was addicted as a film producer, Andy said: “Honestly, I feel slightly guilty as fall down from the horse once signing the contract. I am absent from the location shooting in Malaysia and have more involvement in the production after that. (Feel there is a reverse in Hong Kong series theme?) You cannot say bad about others and can move some people with $10. It depends on how you shoot it when others have $100. The free to air television channel in Hong Kong is suitable for the family to watch and we can go deeper for web series, so as to let everyone to analyse.”

In addition, when mentioned about netizens composed some song after Leon Lai (黎明) became a father and four heavenly kings were transformed into “father in-laws”, Andy said: “Really? It is happy news and what matters most is not negative.”

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