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Andy Lau’s parent buy groceries with a big team escorting them

Andy Lau (劉德華) is well known to be a filial son and continues to live with his parent despite married with a wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩) and a daughter, Hanna Lau (劉向蕙). Earlier, East Week (東周網) discovered Andy Lau’s parent were buying groceries at the market in Mong Kok after having tea. Although they are aged 80 and above, but his parent continue to look very healthy and there is a chauffeur, bodyguard and maid following them.

They arrived in a 7-seater vehicle and there was a lady resembling Andy and she was suspected to be his sister. The whole team were focused on looking after the 2 elderlies and it is obvious that Andy is very filial to his parent.

The maid appeared to come from China and looked very thoughtful as she helped Andy’s mother with caution throughout the trip. As for the bodyguard, he looked muscular with a mask and walked beside Andy’s father all the time. The driver with a cap wore similar outfit as the bodyguard and it looked like their uniforms. He also helped to carry the groceries and it was definite that Andy’s parent had nothing to worry about his sister since they were family.

Andy’s mother bought vegetables and meat and his father chose fruits while his sister bought offerings on that day. In conclusion, it does not resemble a simple buying groceries trip with a big team escorting them.

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