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Annie Liu creates funny incidents when speaking Cantonese dialogue

Deep in the Realm of Conscience (宮心計2深宮計) drama starring Annie Liu (劉心悠) is currently broadcasting and she revealed that many people were worried about her for failing to withstand the day and night filming in TVB, but she remained very interested to film TVB drama.

Annie expressed speaking Cantonese was another challenge and some amusing incidents happened at the drama set: “I need some explanation and they have high expectations about the accuracy. I need to memorise the dialogue and spend lots of time to speak Cantonese. Nancy Wu (胡定欣) also corrects my pronunciation when filming with her. I really admire her for speaking ancient dialogues very well and she says it is due to experience. Once, I even mix English while speaking my dialogue such as calling the doctor when the master feels unwell. It causes NG immediately and others told me it should be known as Doctor Ma. Subsequently, I need to take a deep breath before continuing the filming and worry about saying wrongly when talking about doctor Ma. It is indeed an unforgettable experience to me.”

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