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Annie Liu dresses up sexily when filming in Mong Kok

Annie Liu (劉心悠), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Dick Liu (廖啟智), Jackson Wan (尹光) and Zhang Li Ji (張立基) were present at the worshipping ceremony for new film (再見‧女人街) in Mong Kok on 22nd July 2018. As the movie company sealed off half of the women street, it caused human congestion and the police were called in to resolve the issue.

As Annie wore a sleeveless top and looked sexier, she said: “Very sexy? I seldom dress up in this way and there is some improvement though.” In the film, Annie acted as a rough and noisy worker in transportation department while Ron portrayed as a black triad chief’s god brother. When asked if she was worried about the security as the location shooting took place in Mong Kok, Annie said: “Nope. It is fun and exciting. Get to meet different people.”

Ron revealed he usually bought sports shoes in Mong Kok and left immediately by car after making payment. Asking if he bought any pornography videos over there before, Ron said: “I know it is available but usually buy video games. I have a friend in overseas and he loves to visit the local attractions. (Did you buy it?) I am busy with filming all day long and my disc player no longer works anyway.”

Mentioning that Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) were rumoured to get married in August, Ron and Annie replied they had no idea. Ron misheard that Kevin was getting married in China upon asking the reporters about the wedding venue. The reporter said: “He is not you!” Ron said: “I am born in Hong Kong and the wedding must take place here.” Reminding about the previous rumours between Annie and Kevin, she said: “It takes forever and is fake news obviously.”

When stated that the transport department decided to seal off the street due to the noise pollution in Mong Kok, Jackson said: “It is a pity. Hong Kong has many talented people but they can perform at the pier or outside the shopping mall. (It may be illegal?) They need to make an application then.”

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