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Athena Chu’s chest looks weird? Netizens ask if she goes for breast enlargement

Athena Chu (朱茵) is known as the goddess in the 1990s and best known for her roles as a student and Zixia Fairy (紫霞仙子) in Fight Back to School (逃學威龍) and A Chinese Odyssey (西遊記) films. Other than having beautiful looks, she also has a good body figure and her perfect petite size earns the envy of everyone. Although Athena is married with a child now, but she continues to maintain her body figure well.

During the film festival (第八屆邁亞密金燈塔電影節) a few days ago, Athena wore a white colour tube dress and some netizen uploaded photos of her on Weibo. As a result, everyone focuses on her chest which causes a negative impact to her figure.

Many netizens commented that the dress made Athena’s chest line looked weird and asked if she went for breast enlargement. One even demanded to return “Zixia Fairy” to him. Athena also uploaded her photo showing her back view and left a message: “A rushing trip again! I receive everyone’s support and feel grateful for everything. #film festival #second love #best actress” Ever wonder if Athena feels she does not look beautiful too and show her back view only?

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