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Barbie Hsu is discharged from the hospital; Dee Hsu stresses nobody separates them

41 year old Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) is rumoured for having her third pregnancy and admitted into the hospital suddenly a few days ago. All the family members went to the hospital to root for her and Barbie’s mother explained that she had a relapse of epilepsy due to flu. Subsequently, Barbie requested for more privacy and resting through text message to the media. Her manager also denied Barbie’s pregnancy immediately. Barbie is pointed to stay in the hospital for 5 days and finally discharged from the hospital. Her sister, Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) posted their photo online as well.

Domineering Dee left a message: “I love my sister very much and will be sad if she is sad. I will try to reduce her suffering and I will be happy as long as she is happy. Nobody can sow discord and separate us as we are family and ASOS!” In the photo, both wear make up and the background seems to resemble a row of wine cabinets.” As Barbie is discharged from the hospital not long ago, it is suspected that they take this photo in beginning February.

In addition on 1st April 2018, Barbie’s manager replied to Taiwan media: “Barbie is discharged and is in good condition. Please do not worry.” In order to have full recovery, Barbie decided to stop her work completely and her manager took the opportunity to apologise to the clients. Barbie’s admittance into the hospital made her family extremely worried this time and the company decided to stop her work in order to protect their artiste’s health.

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