Beautiful Cooking 2 show: Samantha Ko ensures the food is fully cooked

Samantha Ko (高海寧) shot the promotion clip for Beautiful Cooking 2 (美女廚房) show on 29th April 2018 and revealed her culinary skills showed improvement after many years: “I promise the judges that I will ensure the food is fully cooked and please do not worry.” She added many guys knew how to cook now and could act as one of the judges for Beautiful Cooking show consisting of male candidates only in the future.

When asked if she would cook for her boyfriend, Samantha expressed she was always the one waiting for the food. Asking about Tang Chi Wai’s (鄧智偉) culinary skills, Samantha praised him: “He is good and cooks Western and Chinese cuisines but I am better than him. He cooks clam, crab and steam fish while I cook chicken and dumplings. (Any comments from him?) He finishes everything and it is delicious. (The opposite party feels lucky to marry you?) Of course.”

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