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Beautiful mother Linda Chung makes the best decision in her life

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) reduces her on-screen appearances after tying the knot with her chiropractor husband, Jeremy in 2015. She focuses on taking care of her children and is currently having her third pregnancy.

Earlier, Linda shared her first labour experience and her eldest daughter, Kelly weighed 7 pounds: “It is quite dangerous. It resembles to a big watermelon trying to come out from a small hole and is extremely painful.” She then fainted in the toilet due to lower body bleeding which terrified her husband. It is considered risky for 38-year-old Linda to be expecting again and tiring to take care of her kids at the same time. She uploaded new photo taken with her children and posted an online message: “The best decision that I make in my life is staying together with all of you.”


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