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Benjamin Yuen does not mind Bowie Cheung taking naked photos for charity?

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) organised an autograph session for his new book, Benontheroad at a book exhibition on 21st July 2018. His girlfriend, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) turned up to support him and there was a photo of her in side view in the book as well. She collected a copy for herself and told Benjamin to sign it immediately. He said: “Is it better to sign on the cheque?” When asked if it would be more exciting next time since he did not mind going naked for the charity, Benjamin said: “Need to think about it and see if it is suitable for the theme. Let’s wait for 10 to 20 years later and shoot it again when I have some wrinkles.”

Benjamin expressed the last photo of himself looking at the sea in naked in the book represented that people who came to the world and passed away departed without taking anything with them. He recalled that the photographer and him saw some foreign beauties at the beach in Bali and they left upon seeing that they were trying to find a perfect spot for taking photographs. Suggesting him to take photos together, Benjamin said: “It is embarrassing and my girlfriend is besides me.”

Bowie did not mind that her boyfriend took photos of his naked body and it was not the first time that she saw his bottom. When asked if he minded Bowie taking naked photos for charity in the future, Benjamin replied it depended on her decision. Bowie said: “I lack of courage.” Benjamin said: “I will be the photographer if she wants to.”

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