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Benjamin Yuen is rumoured to marry Bowie Cheung in 2019

37 years old Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) ended his 3 years relationship with Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) in 2016. He begins to date 26 years old Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) after staying single for 6 months and falling in love with Bowie after shooting TVB tour show, All Work No Pay Holidays II (打工捱世界Ⅱ) in Tanzania. They have been showing their love publicly since dating for more than a year. They go through ups and downs together and it makes them treating each other as the marriage partners. On 26th June 2018, the news reported that Benjamin had intention to marry Bowie next year.

At the time, perhaps the romance between Benjamin and Jennifer leave a deep impression to the public who cannot accept Bowie out of a sudden. She is pointed to use Benjamin in order to gain fame and criticised for tagging “cruise” as expenditure on Instagram when Benjamin’s father passed away. Benjamin has been keeping silent after his father’s death and decides to break the silence and defend his girlfriend eventually.

Although they suffer from tremendous pressure from the public, but Benjamin and Bowie continue to show supports for each other and overcome the obstacles together. During the funeral of Benjamin’s father, Bowie was dressed in mourning clothes and sat at the family corner to accompany her boyfriend. Benjamin also gives a good impression to Bowie’s father who invites him to family events frequently. Based on understanding, Bowie’s father runs a lingerie business and has assets worth of $300 million as well as 3 luxury properties in Happy Valley. As Benjamin’s deceased dad wishes him to get married, his departure may causes Benjamin to fulfil his wish quickly.

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