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Benjamin Yuen loses his wallet and increases the reward from $500 to $5000

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) posted an online message that he lost his wallet containing cash and several cards outside a cafe in Sham Shui Po on 12th August 2018: “I lost my wallet outside a cafe in Sham Shui Po around 1.15pm to 1.30pm today. It is a coffee colour wallet with my identification card, home return permit, driving licence, bank and credit cards and some cash. Please contact me if you find my wallet and thank you (reward).” Many netizens left messages to console him and Benjamin believed it was lost before walking into a restaurant and taking photo with a fan. He also lodged a police report and terminated his credit cards.

Benjamin said during an interview: “I lose my wallet outside a cafe while alighting from the car and realise it is missing when I want to pay the bill. I return to my car to find the wallet but cannot find it. I believe it is lost at a street as my right hand side is a road. (When do you discover it?) Around 10 minutes. I am working now and feel starving so I decide to buy something at a cafe. Anyway, I have lodged a report in the police station at Sham Shui Po. (How much cash did you lose and the reward amount?) $500.”

In addition after the message was posted online for more than 2 hours, Benjamin decided to increase the reward amount by 10 times: “It is my first time to lose many documents and I have no idea how much cash is in the wallet. I hope everyone will try to help since I increase the reward amount. I believe it is priceless when a kind-hearted person finds my wallet and returns to me and we do not need to use money to determine the matter. But there is less kind-hearted people online now and I decide to increase the reward amount to try my luck.”

Subsequently, Benjamin drove to Lai Chi Kok to film series after reporting to the police. The reporters saw Benjamin was frowning in the car and believed it was because of his missing wallet.

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