Big blow to Kenny Wong when TVB refuses to renew his contract in 1993

54 year old Kenny Wong (黃德斌) joined show business industry for 31 years and decided to leave TVB (無綫) in 2017 in order to venture outside. He accepts an interview from the show, (是敢的) by Fantastic TV (奇妙電視) and discusses about his working experience as an artiste. Kenny admits to earning additional income from a model to an actor and filming action drama is his main focus. He feels he resembles to an action actor but his good life lasts shortly as TVB refuses to renew contract with him in 1993. It is a big blow to him and he decides to work backend operations instead. Kenny says: “I am working very hard and they do not want me but I am interested in backend operations though. I ignore my pride and focus on earning a living.” He confesses he suffers lots of hardships at backend operations but the ups and downs experiences make him turn out to be what he is today.

Due to his previous role characters, Kenny has been feeling down for a long period of time and suspecting to suffer from depression: “At that time, I do not feel I am sick neither see a doctor but it is a miracle though. On one day, I look at myself in the mirror upon waking up and cannot blame on myself for my looks. Hence, I decide to cheer myself up and be happy everyday.” He believes everyone should have positive mindsets and learn to be grateful. Kenny then decides to leave TVB in 2017 and starts the second round in his life: “I follow my heart and leaving TVB is to try more stuff. Perhaps I am sick of it and dissatisfied with my current life.” Mentioning about his regret for many years, Kenny reveals it is his deceased mother: “My mother loves to watch television and supports my occupation but my career remains at low peak when she leaves.” Kenny confesses his determination comes from his mother and her encouragements remain deep in his heart until now.

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