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Bio-Zombie film: A Hong Kong Cult Classic Zombie Movie

Whenever we talk about Hong Kong director, Wilson Yip (葉偉信), the public is reminded of his notable workpiece, Ip Man (葉問) film. His directorial debut was in 1995 and the Bullets over Summer (爆裂刑警) film marked a turning point in his career in 1999. In fact before that, Wilson also directed Bio-Zombie (生化壽屍) movie in 1998 and the netizens treated it as a magical cult film.

The 1990s era in Hong Kong is considered a prime age and Wilson managed to combine Hong Kong culture into Bio-Zombie film successfully, from the popular game, Resident Evil (生化危機) in 1996. Many criticised that the film used the game as blueprint and copied from it directly. Many main leads grabbed hold of the items as weapons and it was one of the necessary actions in every participants’ profiles in the zombie game. It was considered one of the interesting features to many people. The cast team members included Jordan Chan (陳小春), Sam Lee (李璨森), Angela Tong (湯盈盈), Emotion Cheung (張錦程) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥). The plot illustrated Jordan and Sam were hooligans selling VCD at a store in shopping centre and met Angela who worked in a beauty centre. Other tenants consisting of Wayne and his wife running a second hand mobile shop while Emotion was a sushi chef at a restaurant and he admired Angela all along. Jordan’s boss ordered him to collect the vehicle at the carpark and happen to see a man in suit was drinking soda with biochemical substances while crossing the road. Jordan then took him back to the shopping mall and that man turned into a zombie. The whole building became a zombie city suddenly.

Certainly, the most interesting part is to see the humans turning into zombies. Although Emotion transformed into a zombie, but he did not attack Angela who had liking for Jordan and remember to give her the gift. When the escape scene was aired, Emotion even helped them to open the shutter door at the carpark so that they could flee from the building. Despite the love story does not really make sense, but it portrays the emotions very well and the film is exciting overall. In addition, another emotional scene illustrated the brotherly ties between Jordan and Sam. Jordan forgot Sam’s birthday and managed to wish him “happy birthday” eventually. Although the brotherly ties is explained with little details, but it achieved satisfactory effects.

Over many years, the film receives more compliments than complaints from the netizens but they are unhappy with the ending. The story showed that Angela drank a bottle of soda with biochemical substances in the car and Jordan pretended nothing happened and finished the remaining liquid, after escaping from the building. As a matter of fact, the director filmed 2 endings at the time and another ending exhibited Jordan was bitten to death by Angela who had turned into a zombie, upon discovering she was missing from the car at the fuel station.

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