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Bravo to Leo Ku for continuing his concert despite his injury

Leo Ku (古巨基) fell down on the stage during his concert in Hong Kong Coliseum at night on 11th May 2018 and went for treatment at the hospital after that, but continued his concert on 12th May 2018. Leo wore an armour and appeared in a time machine at 8.40pm and won applauses from the audiences.

It was obvious that Leo dared not performed big movements on the stage and the dancers surrounded him after singing the song (夢中人). They then moved to the right corner and avoided the trap area with caution. He thanked the dancers for the protection and said while pointing to the trap hole: “Some injury is necessary as an armour. We must stand up from where we fall down. I step on you! Step on you! Step on you!”

Leo proceeded to explain his injury: “I fall down last night and fortunately, my back is hurt but not my head. I tear my muscles and my bones is alright.” He pointed his injured area was swollen and could only move his head slightly: “Perhaps I can move my head behind while singing. Ha! My shoulder and neck are solid now and I may sing higher tune. Everyone should know the reason if I sing better than before.”

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