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Bryant Mak takes care of Carlos Chan when filming in Malaysia

Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Bryant Mak (麥子樂) and Carmen Tong (湯加文) attended the movie premiere, Buyer Beware (吉屋) at night on 25th June 2018. Carlos was reminded of the 2 weeks shooting experiences in Malaysia as he had a high fever and throat infection which caused him to have difficulty in speaking the dialogues. Fortunately, he was fine upon returning to Hong Kong: “Thanks to Bryant for taking care of me and reacting based on the shape of my mouth when speaking. However, there is voice dubbing for an argument scene though.” Carlos added that another director invited him to work with Bryant again because of the film.

Bryant expressed that the collaboration with Carlos established brotherly ties: “During the locating shooting in Malaysia, Carlos falls sick and I bring medicine for him everyday. Carmen and I go to Genting during our break and win few hundred dollars. We buy durians back but Carlos cannot eat it. We are friends now and hopefully we get to work together again. (Did Carlos confide to you?) Rarely. We understand it and will not ask but will accompany him.”

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