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BTS’s Jin Is So Charming At His New Job That Any Workplace Hierarchy Went Out Of The Window

BTS‘s Jin has always been an idol that has managed to charm everyone he meets. Whether it’s ARMYs, celebrities, or staff at schedules, Jin has a personality that makes you instantly fall in love with him.

Well, the same has recently been show after Jin started his working career at MapleStory. Jin is a long-time fan of the game MapleStory, and he recently teased that he had got a job at the company Nexon!

After a long wait, ARMYs finally got to see Jin’s first day on the job in the first video shared by the company.

Like in all workplaces and traditions in Korea, Korean businesses are known to have a strict hierarchy when it comes to seniority. Technically, as an intern, Jin should’ve started at the bottom of the ladder in the company…

However, it seems as if all formalities went out the window as the staff fell in love with Jin. After hearing his passion, the director hired him straight away and wanted to see the idol’s work.

From here, it just seemed like Jin managed to make everyone whipped for him and throw any conventional working hierarchy away.

Like any new employee, Jin was introduced to the rest of the team as the new intern.

In particular, one employee reaction which showcased Jin’s charm was the art director Oh Yoo Seok.

Although he was the senior employee by a mile and probably older than Jin, the idol used his knowledge and charm to find a loophole.  The idol asked his senior what level he was on, referring to the game.

Hilariously, after finding out what it was (which ARMYs will never know as it was bleeped out, Jin must’ve realized that it was lower than his as he cutely explained, “Ah, like a little brother.”

The next employee was the Head of Development, Kwon Hyuk Eon. Like before, Jin asked him about his level in the game. Yet, after realizing what happened to his colleague, after revealing his level, Kwon Hyuk Eon instantly went, “I’ll be the little brother,” which made everyone laugh.

After a tough morning of getting to grips with his new job, the director explained that it was time for lunch, and it couldn’t come quick enough for Jin.

Like a true gentleman, Jin explained that he wanted to properly follow office etiquette, adding, “I learned that the senior staff eats before junior staff.”

Yet, it seems like that wasn’t the vibes of the MapleStory office as it was decided that they would all start eating together.

Of course, Jin wasn’t going to throw his manners out of the window, and he carefully watched his seniors and waited until they had started to begin his meal.

Even in the end, MapleStory proved to be nothing like other companies. When Jin once again wanted to ensure he was complying with company etiquette,

Jin: When you finish eating, do you ask your superiors if they’ve finished eating?

Director: No, we don’t.

Jin: Can I go first if I’m done eating?

Director: We can all stand up and take the food tray.

Although it seems like MapleStory is a lot more casual and informal than most companies in Korea, it seems like Jin has made everyone fall in love with him so much.

As expected, Jin’s true comedic gold in this new series showcases not just his charming personality but his manners. Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world, he wanted to have the full experience of being an intern.

You can read more about Jin’s new job below.

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