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BTS’s RM Is The “God Of Destruction” Even In Hypothetical Situations

BTS‘s RM proved to be the “God of Destruction,” even in hypothetical situations!


In the 2022 Special Episode, Part 1, of BTS’s variety show Run BTS!, the members tested just how in sync they are with a telepathy game. In the second round, they performed their answers to a series of questions to see if they all had the same response.

From left: Jungkook, RM, Suga, Jimin, V, J-Hope, and Jin | Weverse

For the first question in this round, the members were asked to reenact their reaction if one’s phone fell on them while resting.

| Weverse

Immediately, the members got into it. Obviously, they could reenact based on experience.

| Weverse

Yet, everyone instinctively turned their heads to avoid the phone hitting their face except for RM.

| Weverse

BTS were shocked that RM would just take the pain. Some even questioned if he was intentionally trying to be different for entertainment!

| Weverse

But Jin understood that it was actually kind of on-brand for RM. So, they moved on to the next question…

| Weverse

The next prompt was if you had expected to drink lukewarm coffee only for it to be piping hot. Not everyone drinks coffee, so this one was even trickier.

| Weverse

Still, RM was the only one with a unique response. The members couldn’t believe that, yet again, RM was the one with a different response back-to-back! And when he tried to explain himself, they pointed out that based on his motion, the coffee would spill.

| Weverse

Again, Jin was the only one buying it, suggesting that it was something RM would do IRL. But it was pointed out that RM would certainly burn his hand, too, as a result.

| Weverse

One thing is for certain, RM certainly earned his title of “God of Destruction!”

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Source: Weverse


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