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Carlos Chan continues to defend his old love, Jennifer Yu: It is fake news

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) remains as the headline celebrity after the exposure of his separation with Jennifer Yu (余香凝) more than a week ago. Apparently, Jennifer’s love history is becoming complicated as she has a boyfriend, Jason (the boss of a company) during her schooling days and he also gives her monthly allowance. However, she ditches him after knowing Carlos who becomes a third party and Jason left an emotional message on Facebook 15 years ago: “The character decides the fate and a low moral concept ends up with a poor man.” It does not deter Carlos from defending her on Instagram that she was his closest kin.

Despite the failed relationship, Carlos continued to have high workload and act as a fashion store manager at Causeway Bay on 21st June 2018. When asked about his relationship again, Carlos said somebody mentioned the news to him previously: “I do not want to talk about it again. Jennifer is a good woman and I want to refrain from thinking too much.” The reporters then reminded him that he was a third party at the time, Carlos declined to reveal additional details. As for Jennifer’s complicated love history and tarnished image, Carlos said: “Please give them some privacy and she is very pitiful. Everyone starts to feel emotional upon seeing me and give her objective judgements.”

Carlos confessed he did not keep in contact with Jennifer but they had common friends. Mentioning that Jennifer was pointed as a materialistic woman, Carlos defended her again: “I mention it many times and she is not that sort of person. I do not give her any expensive gift while dating. (Jennifer is rumoured to buy present for you by using the allowance given from Jason?) It is fake news and I do not want to talk too much.”

Nevertheless, it looked like Carlos felt much better than before and was smiling when holding a stalk of flower: “My mum always nags at me when little and will not scold or beat me after that. I know how to pacify them and my teacher even calls me “jai jai” (囝囝). I reckon I have good female affinity and they may feel I am harmless. Anyway, I am an adult who loves to play football now.” When asked if any girls wooed him, Carlos replied it happened during his schooling days: “Feel elated that some girl is nice to me and it is not considered that she makes the move completely. We are interested in each other.”

Checking if he had accepted the failed relationship, Carlos responded he had been living a normal life and losing weight as well: “Not because of the relationship but work as I sleep less. I need to gain some weight and grow muscles as acting as a cop in new series soon. (How is your mood?) It is not really a big issue but start to feel stressful as many people pay attention to it. They assume it is the truth by looking at the surface only.”

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