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Carlos Chan takes his girlfriend, Jennifer Yu to see his parent

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) joined singing competition for newcomers organised by EEG (英皇) in 2003 and was jobless for 3 years. Recently, he manages to gain fame after acting as a “frozen person” (冷凍人) in Daddy Cool (逆緣) drama and some people recognise him at the street. Carlos dates his girlfriend, Jennifer Yu (余香凝) for 4 years and starts to gain recognition from the public slowly. A few days ago, Ms Chan (陳小姐) exposed Carlos was seen filial and sweet when taking Jennifer for dinner with the elderly through (爆相爆片).

During a telephone interview, Ms Chan discovered Carlos was having dinner with his parent at a restaurant in Ma On Shan around 8pm: “Around 6 to 7 people including Carlos and Jennifer sitting at the same table. They pour tea and pick vegetables for the elderly. Many people take photos of them and he is very friendly and agrees to take photo with an uncle after paying the bill.” In the photo, they wear couple outfit and share it online after that. They left a message: “How can I watch football match by myself?”

When the reporters asked if he took Jennifer to see his parent, Carlos said on the telephone: “It is a simple family gathering and has been a long time since visiting my granny. (The public want to take photos with you?) Feel very happy that somebody recognises me at the street. Jennifer interacts with my family frequently and they feel she is a good girl who focuses on upgrading herself. They believe she can help me and increase my self discipline and maturity. (No self discipline?) I wish to buy guitar and camera after getting my wages as I love to take photos. Hence, I waste lots of money and need to write report about my expenditures to her. She knows I may eat with my friends and colleagues occasionally and $200 or $300 is sufficient to eat in a cafe. (When are you getting married?) I am trying hard to save money and do not even have the first payment. I hope to start the next chapter in my life soon.” He also believed there was no conflicts between his mother and Jennifer in the future since they got along well.

Carlos and Jennifer fall in love with each other after filming The Unusual Family (總有出頭天) show around 4 years ago and graciously show their romance to the public. He also promises to marry her within 5 years and take care of her forever with a diamond ring after bone fracture in her nose from a car accident.

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