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Carlos Ng is vain since little; He chooses to eat bread in order to buy clothes

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) performed catwalk as a model and sang song at an event in shopping mall and it attracted large crowd of citizens and fans. In fact, looking presentable does not belong to all ladies’ exclusive rights and Carlos was a vain boy since small: “I am vain since little and need to spend 45 minutes including washing hair and designing my hairstyle before going out. I love to buy clothes and choose to eat bread instead. Hence, I am very skinny. (Apply cream too?) Yes, I even iron my outfit including school uniform.”

As Carlos was a vain man, he loved to look at the mirror and say: “My friends say I will appear wherever there is mirrors. But I do not feel I am good looking and it is better to look at the mirror. (Are you popular during your schooling days?) I am a mature boy when studying secondary four and five. I used to be very short from 160cm to 170 cm and no girls like me. I only start to date upon growing up.”

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