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Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu have zero tolerance to their fake marriage problem news

Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) are married for 3 years. Lately, the Chinese paparazzi pointed that Cecilia had an extra-martial affair and was pregnant because of the third party. She also sought a divorce with Nicky. However, Nicky clarified that their marriage remained good and that paparazzi denied about releasing the news. Nicky and Cecilia have been travelling around the world since married and they appeared together as a loving couple at Shanghai airport this morning on 13th April 2018. Cecilia wears a white cap and mask while Nicky pulls the baggage trolley in the photo. However, both decided to engage a law firm to stop the rumours on the same night.

The notice stated that it had zero tolerance towards the fake news and will pursue legal rights: “All are fake news such as Cecilia is pregnant after having an extra-martial affair and seeking divorce with Nicky.” It also demanded the person to stop circulating it and remove the irresponsible comments immediately. It was an Internet abuse and will pursue legal rights.

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