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Charlene Choi is injured after playing wakesurfing and may consider plastic surgery

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) was dressed up sexily at an opening ceremony of a shop at the Central on 22nd August 2018. When mentioned about the wound on her head while playing wakesurfing earlier, she said: “I am okay and using a concealer to cover it. I look for a plastic surgery doctor to stitch my wound and fortunately, it is not very deep. (Is your boyfriend, Anthony (石恒聰) worried?) Yes, the plastic surgery doctor is introduced by him. (Go for plastic surgery as well?) I am working on the following day. (During your day off?) Can consider though.”

Asking if Anthony promised to take care of her forever, Charlene smiled sweetly and told the reporters not to ask old-fashioned questions: “No. I will be extra careful and playing every sports activity involves risk. I may consider wearing a helmet next time and need to use a patch to cover the wound when showering now. Today is my first time to use a concealer to hide it.”

Checking if she went for holidays with Anthony to Ko Samui straight after her injury, Charlene did not reply directly but smile sweetly again: “Yes, it is not easy to work and we rest for a few days after shooting a drama for a day. Hence, I decide to have a vacation in overseas and relax at the same time.”

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