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Charmaine Sheh acts as a villain after 19 years in showbiz

TVB is currently broadcasting Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama starring Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) as the female lead role and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) as the supporting role. Although Charmaine is not the main lead, but it is her first time to act as a villain and everyone looks forward to see her evil side and reach the peak slowly. During an interview from the Chinese media, she described it was a fun shooting and felt happy even if the audiences scolded her as it represented that her acting skills received recognition.

In the drama, Charmaine acted as Consort Xian and begun to hatch a plan to seek revenge on those who bullied and harmed her one by one after the changes in her family and her mother’s death. Her kind-hearted appearance deceived everyone and she brilliantly made use of someone’s knife to kill another person. Charmaine decided to shoot the drama as portraying as a villain brought fresh feeling to the audiences: “It is quite fan to act as a evil consort and can bring fresh feeling to the audiences.”

As the audiences usually detested villain based on the past series, Charmaine was not worried and felt happier if the audiences reprimanded her: “It is good to scold me as scolding means they are focused on the drama. Please go ahead and scold me.” It proves Charmaine is indeed a professional actress.

As the “number one” (港劇一姐) in Hong Kong series, many people watch Charmaine’s drama during their childhoods and she has many fans in Hong Kong and China. Hence, many fans felt it was unfair when she was casted as the supporting role in order to make way for the newcomer as the main lead. However, Charmaine believed doing her part well was the most important: “It is hard to say. Who is the main and supporting roles in War and Beauty (金枝慾孽) drama? I do not know the answer until now. Anyway, palace drama focuses on the concubines fighting against each other and every concubine has her strength. Who is emperor’s favourite? The answer remains hidden forever and I am not saying I am unhappy about it. I am contented as long as it is a fun shooting experience and the series is interesting.”

Charmaine made her debut in 1999 and filmed series for 19 years. She usually acted as a good person and her fierce eye expression was sufficient to make the audiences to detest her without using too many actions. There was a scene where she talked about her inner thoughts while placing the head accessories for two consorts in front of the mirror was considered domineering. As Charmaine loved to grab people during the negotiation, some netizen discovered that she used the same method towards Gigi Lai (黎姿) in War and Beauty drama and was made fun of using the same tactic until now. Nevertheless, it is rare to see there is little negative reviews when Charmaine portrays as a villain and it proves that a good artiste with brilliant acting skills will be popular regardless if acting as a good or evil person.

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