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Charmaine Sheh does not mind acting as supporting lead: Number is not important

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) gains fame again after Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama is airing in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Earlier, she accepted an interview from (新浪) and when mentioned about filming War and Beauty (金枝慾孽) to Story of Yanxi Palace series, Charmaine believed War and Beauty drama could become a stepping stone as many palace rivalry series started thereafter. It was a good beginning and she learned about hiding after shooting many palace rivalry drama: “I do not rely on my facial expression but using the surrounding to express my thoughts as the director requested us not to show it on our faces and hide many stuff in our heart.”

Charmaine revealed there was breakthrough for her role character upon reading the script, as she changed from a white paper slowly. She added some changes to the role and there was a crying scene in the middle of the night. Charmaine deliberately made the emperor knew that she took care of him and ended up in blood: “The original script is different and I remember there is a dialogue when injuring my leg purposely upon walking to the rock. But I believe the dialogue is unnecessary as I am able to act it well.”

Asking about the difference between shooting Hong Kong and China palace drama, Charmaine replied it was similar and there was improvements such as the costumes and the shooting period was shorter in Story of Yanxi Palace series.

When mentioned about the rumours related to Hong Kong version was edited in order to change Charmaine as the female lead, she said: “It is possible. Although I have limited scenes, but they edited other scenes and I have many scenes as a result. The story becomes incomplete. (You are not the female lead?) 123 comes from numbers and it is not important to an artist. To me, it is vital to shoot a good drama and role character.” Charmaine added filming Story of Yanxi Palace series reminded many people of War and Beauty drama and urged everyone not to hate her because of her role character.

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