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Charmaine Sheh is a filial daughter and transforms into a wealthy woman

43 years old Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) joins showbiz for 21 years and maintains her “A” grade actress title for many years when working in TVB. In recent years, she develops her career in China and shoots films continuously. Charmaine manages to be named in Forbes China Celebrity 100 as well. Hence, Charmaine owns billion of assets.

Based on understanding, Charmaine’s mother is her biggest motivation behind her successful career. At the age of five, her mother was forced to work and support her three children including the eldest son, Charmaine and an unborn baby son after her father passed away in a car accident suddenly. Charmaine was rumoured to work as a beer girl before joining showbiz so as to relieve her mother’s financial burden.

In order to repay her mother, Charmaine has been saving up her money and providing a secured and stable financial life to her. Other than giving a branded car and luxury apartment in Sai Kung Town, she also gives $1 million cash to her mother as a gift for Mother’s Day this year. Charmaine is indeed a filial daughter.

As Charmaine comes from a poor family, it is expected that she lacks of financial security upon growing up and tries her best to save up lots of money so as to provide a stable financial life to her family.

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