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Charmaine Sheh prefers to date mature man for easier communication

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) attended a party organised by an eye care brand at night in the Central on 17th May 2018. When asked if she was infected by zika virus earlier, Charmaine’s manager clarified it was a flu only.

Charmaine explained that she did not have zika virus: “It is less exaggerating. I have a serious flu and my whole body is aching. I feel very scared and worry about my work in Hong Kong.” She added that she wanted to have porridge whole day and the doctor told her to admit into the hospital if she needed to, but Charmaine preferred to stay at home. Suggesting it will be better to have a boyfriend to take care of her, Charmaine only thought about having a quick recovery.

As Toby Leung (梁靖琪) was happily dating now and when asked if she would get her to introduce men to her, Charmaine said: “I hope to date too but her male friends are too young.” She preferred to date mature men for easier communication. Asking if she would consider younger men, Charmaine said: “I have not try it yet and it will not be my choice. (Cannot accept even few years old gap?) It does not cross my mind and what matters most is the communication and the opposite party’s thinking. If the man is too young, he may not have an enriching life experience.”

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