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Charmaine Sheh’s eyes feel uncomfortable with 4 big fans blowing at her

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) filmed throat sweet advertisement a few days ago and a “fairy” will appear whenever one has throat problem. This time, Charmaine disguised as a “fairy” and the director arranged 4 big fans to blow towards her in order to achieve good effects. She said: “It is comfortable to shoot commercial with 4 or 5 big fans blowing towards me during the hot weather. But it is not easy to film as there is many staff behind helping me with the long dress. Also, the director has high expectations and we have many takes.”

As there was many fans blowing at her direction, Charmaine’s eyes begun to have tears and remarked it was not easy to become a “goddess”: “My eyes are the most suffering and the tears is flowing continuously. I make many sacrifices and thank you to the crew team. Hopefully everyone will like this advertisement.”

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