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Chau Pak Ho and Venus Wong call each other as baby during an advertisement

Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) and Derek Tsang’s (曾國祥) girlfriend, Venus Wong (王敏奕) filmed healthy beverage advertisement together a few days ago. Both acted as a couple who needed to speak mushy words and call each other as baby. One of the scenes illustrated that Pak Ho had to sleep on Venus’s thigh and he said: “It is a smooth filming process and fun to shoot with Venus.” Venus said: “We have many common friends and I feel happy to work with him.”

Venus and Pak Ho were required to disguise as a loving couple and she said: “Hope Pak Ho’s fans will not be angry with me.” He said: “Nope. They will be mad at me and I reckon the crew team feel that I speak too many mushy words. But I feel it is alright and love needs some moisture after all.”

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