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Chin Siu Ho’s son loves car racing and may apply for a pilot licence next year

Chin Siu Ho (錢小豪) attended a ceremony (香港泰拳理事會第九屆執委就職典禮) in Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre at night on 16th June 2018. He expressed the organisation had been formed for many years and will be organising many races in the future, so as to give more chances to the potential racers. When asked if Siu Ho will participate in the match as he had two boxing clubs, he said: “Nope. I can pay $2 for a train ride soon.”

Asking if his son was interested in Thai boxing, Siu Ho said: “He prefers car racing and we watch a mini scale racing match in Macau last week. I am accompanying him to try new car in Zhuhai next week and we treat it as bonding activity for father and son.” He added his son could apply for a pilot licence in Australia since reaching 16 years old next year: “It is because Australia is a big country and applying for a pilot licence at 16 years old is normal. I will definitely support him and what matters most is he likes it.”

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