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Coco Lee does 700 sit-up to maintain her “S” body shape

Coco Lee (李玟) has been working in China, America and Hong Kong in recent years. Earlier, she returned to Hong Kong with her elder sister, Nancy and husband, Bruce to attend a seminar, Good Feels and share her positive thinking.

Coco is known for her “S” body shape and can sing different types of songs because of her strong determination: “I am more nervous as a singer. I eat two meals daily and have boiled beancurd, vegetables and little vermicelli. That’s all as I want to maintain my voice in a good condition. No meat, oil, fried and sugar at all.”

Coco added she did the same for her concert last year: “I feel my abdominal muscles is not perfect and do 700 sit-up everyday. I can see some effects after two weeks and more after a month. It is not easy to train abdominal muscles but you will see the effects quickly if putting in efforts. When you promise to do something, you must put in your full efforts and maintain in the best condition so as to respect your job.”

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