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Crystal Fung aspires to become MK ambassador

2016 Ms Hong Kong, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), is given the nickname, darling (寵兒) by the netizens and some described her as “MK” and realistic. Lately, she gains popularity after acting as Chan Yuk Mui with daring nature in Apple Colada (果欄中的江湖大嫂) drama: “Honestly, speaking vulgarity is not a problem to me and the result is better than the director’s imagination. Haha. There is one scene that I need to kick Michael Wai (衛志豪) while he is tied to the chair. Experienced artiste will kick based on the angles but I really have to kick him. Michael urges me to do it and I am supposed to slap him 8 times but we have to shoot it several times and I slap him 64 times eventually.”

As Crystal joins showbiz for 1 year only, the public has positive and negative comments towards her acting skills and she is prepared to accept any criticisms: “To me, it is better to have more criticisms and it is unnecessary to act as a pure and gentle girl in the debut series. I am a newcomer in terms of acting skills and have tried my best. Hope everyone will give me a chance.” Pointing as MK sister, Crystal does not mind it and will try to defend MK culture as it distinguish Hong Kong culture: “Who will protect and maintain the legacy if I despise it? Hence, I aspire to become MK ambassador since it is interesting and realistic.”

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