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Crystal Fung denies the girl in the video clip is not her

Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) hosts Young and Restless (後生仔傾下偈) show with 100 episodes and organised a big party with the audiences 0n 4th May 2018. Other than discussing at the show, they also chatted everything at the party. When asked if there was any generation gap between the youngster and elderly, Crystal said: “Nope. I meet different people including children at work and chat to my dog at home after work. It is based on a new theme and hope to crossover Happy Old Buddies (快樂長門人) and (資深老友記) shows.Hopefully it will reach 200 episodes. It is a one way traffic talking to the paparazzi and I guess they understand it. It is more obedient when I talk to them with tears.”

Mentioning that the video clip was leaked out, Crystal replied she received news lately: “Some netizens are very interested and a video clip about my boyfriend and I doing stretching appear too. I do not shoot such clip at all and it is fake obviously. I realise that girl looks like me slightly upon watching the clip and she can be my replacement if I need to shoot action scene one day, and everyone is definitely interested.”

Checking if she knew Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓) and was aware of the forced kissed incident with Louisa Mak (麥明詩), Crystal said: “I do not work with Nathan before and it is hard to cooperate together in the future. This news is released not long ago and I am not very clear about it.”

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